H.P Lovecraft Action figure project

The boxset is £60, and is available here - alexcf.bigcartel.com. The box set is limited to 100 only.

One of my favourite authors, the grandfather of maddening cosmic horror, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. A homage to his writing, my first DIY action figure project is a hand molded, cast and painted effigy of Lovecraft, along with a copy of the fabled and despised Necronomicon! Each figure will come as part of a larger box set - including a copy of a comic I have written and drawn, a screen printed t shirt, a screen printed poster, badge and sketch, all in a magnetic sealed box! These will be available very soon! email merrylinhouse@gmail.com for inquiries!

This is also the first in a series of figures, the next being SHUB NIGGURATH! who also appears in the first issue of LOVERS, the accompanying comic book to this first figure. Each new figure will come with a comic, and feature the character for the next action figure in the series!

  • Disclaimer -

lovecraft held some backward, abhorrent, small minded beliefs, and to some extent, one of the interesting aspects of him is just how ridiculous both his ideas on society and his upbringing were. I do not forgive him for what he believed, but he was a product of both his time, and his behaviour. I loved my grandparents, but they were often mildly racist. They said things similar to that of Lovecraft, but both were hard working, good people. I do not despise them for what they said, but if I had been old enough, I would have strongly disagreed and discussed these ideas with them. I personally love his writing, despite its adjective heavy, often repetitive style. And I also loved making this figure from his bizarre jawline to his heavy brow. Lovecraft's tales often wrote of odd, eccentric people, and it is not too hard to imagine that Lovecraft might have written his own life story into his books, had he not lived it himself.